wFit: Mobile Health Tracking and Monitoring with Wearables

Cloud-Based Mobile Platform Connected to Multiple Wearable Devices in a single App

Combining information the User enters (such as their profile, food consumed, etc.) with data collected from their wearables, enables the wFit Platform to determine calories burned with intake to provide metrics associated with your health or fitness goals (i.e. weight reduction and other objectives).

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  • Track

    Get information such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. via wearables.

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  • Cloud

    Upload data to the cloud for subsequent access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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  • Analyze

    Get feedback and messages to monitor, and analyze health and/or fitness goals

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Tracking & Monitoring

Take a Closer Look

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wFit for Fitness

Use wFit to enhance corporate wellness programs with an App and seamless plug-and-play health and fitness technology bundle that enables employees to easily monitor and manage their health and wellness - from their phone.

wFit for Healthcare

Use wFit for Home Care Monitoring by patients discharged from a clinic or hospital, on medication programs, activity/motion tracking, etc. to facilitate sharing information with designated medical personnel and relatives.

Watch the Video!

Watch the wFit introduction video to learn more about how wFit can benefit you.

Wearable Manufacturers

Reach millions of Users by integrating your wearable device(s) under a single wFit mHealth App and connect to the cloud



Corporate Wellness Program

Sign up for the Activity Kit Health Program to assist your employees in monitoring and managing their daily activities, health and wellness



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